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Where women-owned businesses get the support they need.

Why The Beehive?

Here at The Beehive, we choose to use our skills in design and marketing to uplift women that are making waves across their industries. After almost a decade of working alongside women founders, we firmly believe that as a collective force (or hive), we can together change the landscape of what it means to be a woman in business.

Why Work With Us?

What We Do

Get your business the buzz it needs through targeted marketing campaigns designed to reach your ideal customer.

Who We Are

A group of women founders disrupting traditional marketing services through authentic, purpose-driven campaigns.

Why We Do It

Because life is more fun when we go together. We don’t just want to be your marketing team. We want to be a passionate and vocal advocate for your business.   

How we can help you reach your marketing goals 

Graphic Design

Custom graphics designed to elevate your brand both online and offline

Web Design

Full service website design and redesign services available.


Custom photography is a powerful way to advertise your business

Content Creation

Authentic and powerful content for all the different channels you advertise on

Brand Strategy

Rebranding? Just starting out? We will create a custom brand strategy with you

Marketing Strategy

Custom tailored marketing strategy to generate major buzz for your business.

Search & Social Ads

Paid advertising that delivers real results you can track. 

Social Media Management

Cut down on overwhelm with our social media management service

Search Engine Optimization

People are searching for businesses like yours, can they find you easily?

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What is your website and social media really doing for your business?

Strategic planning and marketing are some of the biggest factors in the overall success of a business. But the roadmap to get results isn’t always clear. If you’re not tracking your marketing efforts then it’s impossible to know what’s working and what isn’t. That’s why every relationship here at The Beehive starts with a conversation to assess the unique needs of your business.

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